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  • 03-Dec-2012 : The ice cometh!
    I went out on the ‘Bird yesterday – it was fairly dry and quite sunny for a December morning, so I went up to the newly-refurbished cafĂ© at the former RAF Defford airfield near Croome Park for coffee and a bacon butty – but I think the mornings are going to start to get icy ...
  • 23-Nov-2012 : Damn weather!
    I wish the weather would make up its mind… one minute it’s dry and sunny, the next minute the sky goes completely dark and it’s pouring with rain. I don’t mind a bit of rain – after all, putting up with bad weather is the price we bikers have to pay in exchange for the ...
  • 04-Nov-2012 : The first blog post…
    This is the first post in the site blog. Feel free to add your own comments but please remember this is a public area, so normal rules of courtesy and consideration apply!