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All of these items are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Coffee mug
Coffee mug: £3.50
(P&P £1.25)
Colour :

T-shirt: £7.95
(P&P £1.95)
Colour :
Size :

Key ring tuner
Key ring: £2.95
(P&P £0.95)

Poppy pin
Poppy pin: £2.00
(P&P free)

All funds from the sale
of poppy pins goes
to the Royal British
Legion Poppy Appeal

Harrier GR5
Harrier GR5: £950k
(P&P free)

Delivered ready to fly
but without armaments
Bespoke services
Bespoke services

Please agree total
cost with us prior
to ordering

Note: postage & packing costs are discounted by £0.50 for second and subsequent items. Orders in excess of £100 are delivered free of charge.