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  • 19-Jan-2013 : Web site moved
    Whilst it was nice to have free Web hosting (courtesy of GoFreeserve), there were times when responses wasn’t brilliant and now and again pages would time out before loading. We’ve therefore decided to go with a paid hosting package from FarByte which provides a 24x7x365 support hot-line. Thanks, guys, you were wonderfully helpful and service ...
  • 30-Dec-2012 : New plugins installed
    I’ve installed a couple of new plugins:- Fast Secure Contact Form: an alternative to email, this allows visitors send the Webmaster a message. Version By Mike Challis Lex’s Last Update Widget: displays the date of the last page update in a widget. Version 1.1.0. By Lex. Uji Countdown: countdown timer to a specified date & time. Version ...
  • 15-Dec-2012 : Picture galleries
    We’ve added a picture gallery facility to the site, NextGEN Gallery (Version 1.9.8) by Photocrati, and we’ll be adding photographs of our properties in the next few days. To view these photos, hover over the property in the main menu bar and select Photo Gallery from the drop-down. We will also be posting updates regarding the availability ...
  • 17-Nov-2012 : Member list now available
    Following requests from several users, we’ve added a page where you can view a full list of registered users and generate a new email with a single click. To view the list, click the Member List tab in the menu bar or click here. This facility is only availabe to looged-in users. If you experience any ...
  • 16-Nov-2012 : Calendar now available
    Following requests from several users, we’ve installed a calendar on the Web site which you can use to keep in touch with what’s happening. To check the calendar, click the Calendar tab in the menu bar or click here. And if you’d like see a forthcoming event on the calendar, please send us details and if it’s ...
  • 14-Nov-2012 : Private messaging now available
    Private user-to-user messaging is now available on this Web site. To use this new facility, click Forum from the blue menu bar. You’ll notice there’s now a new option called Inbox in the forum welcome banner. Clicking that takes you to the private messaging facility. Private Messages are not monitored by site admins. This uses Cartpauj ...
  • 13-Nov-2012 : E-shop now available
    I’ve installed an e-shop where you can buy our merchandise. This uses WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart Version v3.3.2 by Ruhul Amin. To see the exciting stuff we have for sale, click the Buy Stuff tab in the menu bar or click here. If you experience problems with the e-shop, please let me know.
  • 04-Nov-2012 : New plugins installed
    I’ve installed a few new plugins to make life easier:- List category posts: allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page. Version 0.24. By Fernando Briano. Mingle Forum: simple, reliable, lightweight forum plugin. Version By Cartpauj. Sidebar Login: ajax-enhanced login widget for your site’s sidebar. Version 2.4. By Mike Jolley. WP-Private: restricts content to logged-in ...
  • 04-Nov-2012 : Blog added
    Select Blog in the main menu bar or click the Blog tab to see the site blog. I’m not going to explain how it works – it’s simple enough!
  • 07-Oct-2012 : WordPress upgraded
    The Web site has been moved to the GoFreeServe Web hosting service and upgraded to WordPress 3.4.2. Everything seems to be working okay – so far – but please send me an email if you experience any problems.